This support article covers;
  1. Latest Zoom Client
  2. Signing in the correct way

Many Students have had issues trying to connect to Zoom meetings, most of the time it comes down to items listed in this support article.

1. Latest Zoom Client

Load your Zoom app by using Spotlight or finding it in the Applications folder. 

If you don't have zoom installed click on this link to download the latest version


Once Zoom is open click on the Top menu bar next to the Apple and select

Then click on the "About Zoom"

You can check what the current version of Zoom is by going to and comparing it to your version. 

Another way to check is to use the option in the Zoom menu "Check for updates"

You should get a message like the one below if you are on the latest version

2. Signing in the correct way

Now that you have the latest version of Zoom let's make sure you are signing in the correct way because zoom will allow you to sign in many ways however for Zoom to work correctly you must sign in this way.

Every student and staff member must sign in to zoom using the SSO button and school email & password student example: & the password that matches it.

Students will not be able to join class zooms unless they now signed into their zoom application using their school email address using SSO (using your email address and signing in via Google used to work however it no longer does correctly).

Open the zoom application, Click the SSO sign-in

Type dowcatholic into the company domain box and continue.

If you need more help or someone is having issues connecting to a meeting please have them contact