This Check List is to help members of the Corpus Community when setting up a laptop for the first time ready for use at School. 

  1. The laptop needs to be any current MacBook Air or MacBook Pro no more than two years old and at least 8 hours runtime on the battery. More information can be found in this article
  2. No Software is required, all software can be accessed via the Managed Software Centre (we show students how to install this during the Laptop BootCamp or Students can see IT Support for help with this)
  3. Students MUST be set up with Administrator Access at least for the duration of the Laptop BootCamp (see the support article on how to create an Administrator Account
  4. The laptop needs to be transported in a protective Bag, not just a soft case that protects from scratches in the past we have found the "STM Kitty" to be a reasonable laptop bag
  5. It's important NOT to install any software on the laptop before the Laptop BootCamp. Even some virus protection software can prevent things like the Managed Software Centre from being installed so please wait until after the BootCamp before you install any software we will also talk with the students about software during the BootCamp.
  6. Students will be shown how to look after the Mac, how to use the Mac, connect to WIFI, use the Internet and Cyber Safety, how to access Compass and more during the two days of the BootCamp so Students MUST come to School with Laptops fully charged.
  7. CEDow Student Responsible Use of Technology Agreement needs to be signed by Parent/Carer and by the Student, this is to be handed in during the first session of the Laptop BootCamp. Don't hand it in during Learning Circle and Don't take it to the front office we will collect them during the BootCamp. The Agreement will be handed out on the first day, it is a green form so it stands out from the others.