The following instructions are for adding SMS as a factor for Okta Multi Factor Authentication. You will need to have read and completed the initial instructions at Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) Setup for Okta before completing the following instructions.


  • You can either watch the video link here:, or follow below.

  • Press the setup button under SMS Authentication

  • You will then be presented with the following window:

  • Select Australia as the country and enter YOUR phone number (Note you do not need to remove the 0 from the start of the number).

  • Then select the send code button.

  • Enter the code that gets sent to your mobile phone and select the verify button

Trusting Your Device

Once you have set up your SMS MFA factor as above, you will then be shown an MFA prompt each time you sign in to certain services (such as ESS, Compass, Google, etc.). When you are shown the MFA prompt, you will be given the option "Do not challenge me on this device again" as in the following screenshot:

Checking this option means that you will no longer be prompted for MFA when logging in to that particular service on that particular device/browser (ie you will need to check the option the first time you log into each service such as ESS, Compass, Google etc.).

Note that you may still be shown an MFA prompt if you clear your browser's cookies, change between browsers (or devices), or after a period of time.